How to handle Customer Complaints

Complaints are not only a part of every business, but they contribute as an important part of the business. It’s only with criticism and constructive feedback that any business can move forward and the business to business call center is certainly no exception to the rule. It’s a case of knowing how to handle complaints and what to do with the information in order to move forward in a positive way.

First of all, one of the most important pointer is to give yourself a little breathing room and never react in the heat of the moment. For a call center representative to lash out with a knee-jerk response can be fatal for the reputation of the business as a whole and so it’s vital to know how to bite your tongue and count to ten before responding.

Contrary to the above however, never assume that outright ignorance is bliss as to avoid responding altogether is to risk running a call center company that’s doomed to failure. It doesn’t matter how troubling the complaint appears to be, you cannot afford to ignore it.

Another great tip is to try to reverse your role and instead of seeing the problem from the point of answering services, put yourself in the position of clients. Ask yourself what you would like to happen to make things right and how you think the person on the other side of the phone should act – always an important eye-opener.

Another important trait of any competent call answering service is the knowing of how to humble – as in bowing to what may seem to be unreasonable requests and treatment from time to time in order to keep the peace. After all, the customers is always right…or at least usually.

And finally, always look for the silver lining and try to genuinely thank the complainant for ultimately helping you on the road to becoming the best call center you can be…even if you have to do so through grit teeth.

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